Are Your Creations being Messed Up by Other’s?

fractal-energyoverlap-250Most people landing on my Free Spirit Blog are aware of all the options to create one’s own life or at least the universal laws connected to it. If you think this up to a certain state – sooner or later you see creations of yourself and others overlapping – somehow: he/they create and you create.

There are your thoughts and the thoughts of other’s. There is your energy and the energy of other’s. What if other people’s energy is being directed onto your (intended) creations?


Limits you are not “guilty” of

For a longer time I had suspicions that relatives of mine mess up my creations. E.g. my parents have a certain kind of concern, which they impress onto „my world“. Imagine: concern is kind of energy and in a way not a good one, at least not a constructive one. Concern is kind of fear of future. And if this energy is being focused onto my undertakings this – in my view – can definitely impact my world, my undertakings, things I am doing – in regard to the overall process of it and of course of the outcome.

Like our own energy any focussed energy by someone can have impact – had definitely has in my opinion.

If you wonder why certain things don’t work out in your life – although you are doing your best – even using all universal laws, think who else you told about this and whether there might be some overlapping energies.

Very often people who are very closed to us: parents, sisters, closed friends – especially if they have a different view onto this world that you have – have concerns, fears or other unfortunate and hindering feelings, which can imprint on your creation, your projects.

Take care whom you tell what

It doesn’t make sense anyway to tell someone who is uncertain, timid or just not even fine with his/her own world – about bigger projects beyond their imagination. It would just frighten them. And even if you think that it doesn’t matter what they say to you – there is energy floating around, especially from people very closed to you, people who love you or even feel a responsibility.

You can’t imagine how my parents (who always were employed their whole life) reacted when I had resigned my last „fix job“. They didn’t talk with me for about a month and send me a long letter then. It was just beyond their imagination. Meanwhile I noticed that it is still better not to talk with them about any of my business undertakings because it’s just out of their world, it would create concerns, which I would 1st have to handle verbally, later energetically … overall much more efforts than needed and wanted, additional work to be done.

So what to do?

Free Spirit Summary

  • Choose wisely whom you tell what! Why you do it and whether your fellows can handle it.
Not everyone needs to know everything. Certain things might be an unnecessary burden to your fellows.
  • Keep your projects under kind of „energetic cheese dome“ or energy bubble, which you feed and care for, but which is also protected by your energy.

Yes, you are allowed to call me „nuts“ giving you this advice, but if you think through it – there might be some deeper sense.

Take care,
live long and prosper!

Free Spirit

My Web Traffic Numbers – A Hint For Bloggers and Every Free Spirit Aiming at Online Business Income

It was really nice, but also surprising to see my traffic numbers for the last months.

Traffic SourcesLooking back: I did my last post June 28th – that’s more than five months ago. Since then – silence here. Life just took over and the offline world is still the more exciting one to me – especially in these days. I did some interesting research, which I will share later on.

The surprising fact was that my traffic numbers did not drop for three months after my last posting, they kept quite the same for the three months folling my last post here. Just in November it dropped then resulting in about 83% of the months before – still not that bad.

Factors which work most in favour to the continous traffic I see in

  • the amount and variety of content posted so far over the years since 2010 – number of posts focussed around some major topics (a limited number of core topics)
  • having “keyword articles” – I herewith confess that I wrote some articles focussing on keywords. These are those articles where you might have been wondering about my “flat content”, lacking depth – somehow, but within my whole free spirit world here I find those articles don’t really “hurt”. People come to this blog very targeted on some keywords, so they will not even notice the keyword focussed articles.
  • “my backyard” = the article directory, see also my get backlinks experiment articles
  • implementation of Google Sniper techniques (this is a whole new story, actually a course you can take)

This is it. No black magic, no tricking.

For me this is proof that what some magic internet marketing blogging gurus try to teach is just bullshit. It’s all not that overcomplicated and no one needs to blog every day or every week. Of course, it all varies from case to case and depending on the type of blog or website, but from my view most blogs are not continously read by the same people. People – meaning readers – drop in due to a certain article / content. People come, people go – and for that a good collection of articles is just sufficient and it will not hurt me because I haven’t posted for a week, not event a month.

Take care who you listen to. I think I told before: the techniques and contents the internet marketing and blogging gurus are teaching are mostly not the same as they are using for their own businesses.

Take care,
live long and prosper!

Free Spirit




What Can We Learn From A Professional Alien About Human And Artists Life?

Leonard Nimoy, also known as Spock and known to be very logical and his special Vulkan Spock greeting shares his experience and wisdom talking about most simple but profound questions like

“Who am I supposed to be and what am I supposed to do with the rest of my life?
“How to find the right job?”

… with is 2012 Colleage of Fine Arts Convocation Address:

“I am a walkling, talking bundle of gratitude.”

He starts sharing how he found his path.

But what can we learn from Spock? Nimoy states following for both: Spock and himself in his path and at that time current situation starting Star Trek carrer:

“How to find your way as the alien in a foreign culture?
Where does your identity, your dignity come from, and how do you make a contribution?”

Before he reminds us that we are creators of our own lifes he continues reflecting on artists lifes …

“Respect your body. It’s a vital part of the creative process.”

“Our creativity walks on the razor’s edge using both sides of the brain.
The left side gives us logic and discipline. On the right side, is instinctive, creative thinking.
We, as artists, need both.
Fall to the left side and we lose inspiration and originality.
Fall too far  to the right and we are in danger of drifting into undisciplined chaos.
The secret of a long, healthy carreer in the arts is the successful walk on the razor’s edge.”

“I shall give you hunger and pain and sleepless nights.
Also beauty and satisfaction known to a few

and glimpses of the heavenly life.
None of these shall you have continually, and of their coming and going, you shall not be foretold.”

Edwin Booth (actor) on the artist’s life – hearing the wisper of the god of all arts

… ending his speach with good old Spock greeting “Live long and prosper.”

And finally remember:

“There is always room for one more good one!”

Take care,
live long and prosper!

Free Spirit